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February 15, 2011

Diaceutics Report Identifies Future Pharmaceutical Leaders in Personalized Medicine

A new report from Diaceutics (www.diaceutics.com) for the first time analyzes which drug companies are best prepared to capitalize on new discoveries in genetic biomarkers and translate them into personalized medicine.

Pharma Readiness for Personalized Medicine looks at how traditional drug development has changed since the advent of personalized medicine, as well as the ways that leading pharmaceutical companies have adapted. The mapping of the human genome in 2000 unleashed a multitude of new scientific discoveries about the human body, presenting a challenge to the pharmaceutical industry in applying this knowledge to improve therapies.

The report includes interviews with top officials from the leading drug companies about the changes they anticipate from new discoveries in personalized medicine, including genomic science, biomarker advances, and information technology, as well as on the challenges and opportunities they see ahead.

“This is an inside look at a powerful industry as it strives to incorporate the scientific advances that will reshape health care,” said Peter Keeling, CEO of Diaceutics, a research and consulting firm for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to conducting in-depth research, the company analyzes personalized medicine strategies for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.  

Among the questions the report answers:

  • How far have the biggest pharmaceutical companies moved from traditional “blockbuster” drug launches towards targeted therapies (those accompanied by a molecular diagnostic) that are more likely to be effective for patients?  How active are these companies in making personalized medicine deals and partnerships?
  • What is the market performance of personalized therapies as compared to traditional therapies for the pharmaceutical industry? Which drugs in the pipeline of the leading pharmaceutical companies stand to benefit from a personalized marketing strategy?
  • What change is needed in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic targeted therapy models and where are the pharmaceutical companies in terms of their competition?
  • Given recent legal debates over intellectual property such as genes and genetic markers, what is its potential value in opening and unlocking personalized medicine markets?
  • What does the ideal personalized medicine company look like and how does it operate?

Copies of the  report, including the Pharma PM Readiness Analysis, will be available on April 4th from Arrowhead Publishers for $3,500. The report is free for members of the press.

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