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May 29, 2013

Personalized Medicine Data - Challenges and Solutions

In order to effectively further the field of Personalized Medicine, large amounts of data must be harvested from both patients and providers. With this barrage of data comes the complex issue of useful interpretation and integration of this information in a clinical setting as well as the ongoing data concerns of privacy, ownership and consent.

This potentially explosive topic will be taken on in a panel discussion at the 5th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference by Carol Isaacson Barash, Ph.D., Principal, Helix Health Advisors; MDx Content Developer, McKesson Health Solutions; Adjunct Professor, School for Nursing, Science and Health Professions, Graduate Program in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management, Regis College; Nikhil Kumar, President/CEO, ApTSi (Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.) and Leslie Francis, Ph.D., JD., Associate Dean for Faculty R&D and Alfred C. Emery Professor of Law, Professor of Philosophy, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah.

The discussion, Big Data: The Driving Force in Enabling Point of Care Personalized Medicine: Challenges & Potential Strategies will tackle all aspects of data collection, management and ownership. This audience participation mini-event will take on: challenges and potential solution strategies from the perspective of 1) IT architecture, 2) data harnessing, interpretation and integration, 3) IP, closed versus open systems and 4) privacy, personal ownership and consent. Panelist presentations will explore the scope of challenges and present innovative approaches to overcoming barriers. This is anticipated to be a boisterous, well-attended discussion. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early for best seating. 

As an official satellite event to the American Society of Human Genetics ASHG 2013 Annual Meeting, the 5th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference taking place on October 21 and 22 in Boston, MA, is anticipated to see record attendance levels. This two day event is one of the most highly regarded Personalized Medicine conferences in the United States, attracting clinicians, developers of molecular diagnostics, biopharmaceutical professionals, geneticists and investors from around the world to discuss the rapidly advancing field of Personalized Medicine. Visit www.personalized-medicine-conference.com for more information.

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