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July 10, 2013

Demonstrating The Real World Value Of Tomorrow's Biopharmaceuticals

Mitch DeKoven, Director, HEOR, Real-World Evidence Solutions, IMS Health Inc. and Won Chan Lee, Ph.D., Principal, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, IMS Health, Inc. will present Optimizing Strategic Direction with Systematic Value Development at the Pharmaceutical Market Access Pricing and Reimbursement Conference in San Francisco on October 29, 2013. 

In this presentation, the speakers will stress the importance of the role of HEOR and economic value and planning early in the development process. They will discuss the creation of a ‘value development plan’, whereby using evidence, HEOR teams can begin to lay out a research agenda for years to come, focusing on the domains of product value and how to demonstrate and communicate them to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

HEOR is critical in taking innovative treatments from the lab to the marketplace. Combining scientific methodologies and a pragmatic understanding of the market, HEOR teams can generate the complex evidence needed to demonstrate the real-world value of treatments.

The importance of creating a ‘value development plan’ at the forefront of a market and commercialization strategy cannot be emphasized enough. With the changes in pharmaceutical policy seen worldwide, it’s imperative for pharmaceutical companies to plan well ahead for new products and even re-positioned products. A well thought out plan should be implemented company wide as it affects not only the sales and marketing teams. The research and development team as well as logistics and business development teams will also be intrinsically affected by a company’s market strategy.

The Pharmaceutical Market Access Pricing & Reimbursement Conference brings together Market Access professionals to discuss and create strategies aimed at meeting the increasing challenges facing developers of biopharmaceutical products today. For more information please visit www.pharmamarketaccessconference.com.

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