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August 11, 2016

Arrowhead Publishers Releases New Report Covering Growing Field of Microbiome Therapeutics and Diagnostics

The human microbiome is an exciting revolutionary field captivating growing interest of biotech startup’s, Big Pharma and academia. Since the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) and a surge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and meta-omic tools; increasing efforts are underway to investigate the role of the human microbiome in health and disease and create innovative biotherapeutic and diagnostic products. 

With no approved biotherapeutic or diagnostic product available to date, human microbiome R&D presents numerous challenges and opportunities. Stakeholders must collaborate to overcome unique scientific and technology hurdles, regulatory challenges, intellectual property barriers and important ethical and social issues to maximize success in this potentially lucrative market.

Several key leading pipeline biotherapeutic and diagnostic products will prove pivotal in shaping the future human microbiome market. In 2018, Metabiomic’s Colon Polyp and Colon Cancer Test could become the first commercialized diagnostic. In 2019, Rebiotix’s RBX2660 for recurrent C. difficile infection could become the first commercialized biotherapeutic.

The three main purposes of this report are to provide:

  • Analysis of the market need for human microbiome products, scientific and technological strategies driving human microbiome R&D and successful business models
  • Identification of the major challenges within human microbiome R&D; examining scientific and technology barriers, regulatory and intellectual property hurdles, legal, ethical and social issues
  • Clinical and commercial analysis of key pivotal clinical-stage pipeline biotherapeutic and diagnostic candidates

Report highlights include:

The mainstay of human microbiome research involves cross-sectional observational/associative studies. However, it is extremely difficult to establish causality over correlation in dysbiosis using such studies. Prospective longitudinal studies are urgently needed to accelerate R&D, discover microbiome-based biomarkers and create novel biotherapeutic and diagnostic products.

By 2025, the human microbiome market could be worth $2.2 billion. Top revenue earning biotherapeutics may include Rebiotix’s RBX2660, Microbiome Therapeutic’s NM504 and NM505, Seres Therapeutics/ Nestlé Health Science’s SER-109. Top earning diagnostics may include Metabiomics’ Colon Polyp and Colon Cancer Test, Origin Sciences’ Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Test and Enterome/AbbVie’s IBD110.

Purchase of Arrowhead’s Microbiome Therapeutics and Diagnostics: Pipeline Analysis and Market Outlook ­­report will enable you to:

  • Assess opportunities and challenges influencing human microbiome R&D
  • Identify key pivotal pipeline biotherapeutic and diagnostic candidates in clinical-stage development to maximize your products commercial potential
  • Gain an impartial perspective of strategies that can be used to enhance your products performance in the human microbiome market

To purchase the report or to request sample pages, visit: HERE.

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