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June 21, 2016

Key Leaders in Precision & Personalized Medicine To Meet This Fall for the 8th Annual Personalized & Precision Medicine Conference
Syapse has been a constant presence in the precision medicine industry, and has recently furthered its involvement in oncology through a partnership with Henry Ford Health Systems.
As one of the longest running conferences in the industry, this conference will gather a variety of key thought leaders in the private and public sectors to gain multi-stakeholder perspectives on this constantly evolving industry.

"The Annual Personalized and Precision Medicine Conference continues to be a vital meeting place for diagnostics companies, laboratories and other companies and organizations whose goal is the successful implementation of precision medicine at the local, national and global level," said John Waslif, Managing Director of Arrowhead Publishers, the organizers of the conference.

"We are pleased to be able to bring together leaders from some of the most innovative life science companies in the world to address key areas related to the advancement of precision medicine, including reimbursement, value-based medicine, informatics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics, precision medicine clinical trials, and companion diagnostics."

In addition to presentations, there will be a variety of extended Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. One unique aspect of this conference is the pre-conference online networking suite, which provides a platform to ensure professional introductions can be established before the event.

With over 20 presenters, the 8th Annual Conference will focus on several key themes, including companion diagnostics, genomics data infrastructure, and emerging reimbursement policies. 

Kristine Ashcraft, Chief Executive Officer, Genelex, will be presenting on the crucial nature of the shift to value-based care within the healthcare system. With a variety of evolving regulatory and quality initiatives, Ashcraft will discuss the variety of factors that will ensure the success of precision medicine.

Dr. Jeremy Stuart of Selah Genomics will be highlighting the community health perspective of precision medicine. He will cover several case examples of precision-guided tests, and elaborate on the current solutions and challenges that exist in the precision medicine industry.

While genomic and related technological discoveries have allowed for revolutionary advances in personalized medicine, it is crucial to maintain a more long-term goal that these trials must be replicated on a larger-scale in the near future. Dr. Nicholas Schork from J. Craig Venter Institute believes that we must adapt the design of clinical trials for personalized medicine with this goal in mind in order to achieve long-term success.

Mobile technologies have the potential to revolutionize how we monitor and collect data medical data, but we are not yet able to achieve maximal impact due to growing concern over data privacy of individuals. John Wilbanks of Sage Bionetworks believes that there can be a mutually beneficial relationship created for all invidivuals involved. At the conference, WIlbanks will discuss his strong belief that creating social contracts between participants and researchers, while allowing maximal utility from the data systems, is key into furthering personalized and precision medicine. He will provide a recent case study which leveraged Apple's ResearchKit framework, and will elaborate upon why this was a success for medical research.

One of the founders of Sinopia Biosciences, Aarash Bordbar, will be sharing his recent advances in personalized network models, and how they have led towards a better understanding of the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Bordbar's presentation will provide an excellent opportunity to gain further insight into how we understand both individual patient physiology and pharmaceutical compounds in relation to side effects.

For more information on the 8th Annual Personalized & Precision Medicine Conference, please visit: http://personalizedmedicinepartnerships.com

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