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August 18, 2010

Arrowhead Releases New Report Revealing Prospects for Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy Market
Traumatic brain injury (TBI), an acquired damage to the brain that is typically caused by external traumas has been called a silent epidemic. TBI has emerged as the leading cause of central nervous system impairment, ahead of traumatic spinal cord injury. Some sources estimate that TBI is ten times as prevalent as spinal cord injury and on an annual basis, at least 150 people per 100,000 population are treated in hospitals for TBI.
In the United States, statistics provided by the National Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that – on an annual basis - some one million people are impacted by TBI.

As a consequence of increased military engagement, more soldiers are returning from combat theaters with TBIs. It has been estimated that up to 83 percent of soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq exhibit a variety of brain injury symptoms. To add to this picture, increased attention is being paid to athletes affected by TBI and the link to early-onset dementia.

Currently, no effective TBI therapy exists, with patients treated through a combination of surgery, rehabilitation and pharmacological agents managing post-trauma conditions such as depression. Consequently, the considerable target population leads Arrowhead Publishers to estimate that the global market value for TBI therapy is in the region of US$1-2 billion, with the majority of this accounted for by potential demand across Europe and in the United States.

Traumatic Brain Injury: R&D Pipeline Assessment and Market Prospects takes a closer look at TBI and its future treatment prospects. It provides a thorough examination of its causes, symptoms, prognosis, treatment, epidemiology and unmet clinical need. In addition, it provides the reader with an overview of key potential markets for TBI therapeutics and assesses various therapies currently in development for TBI. Future trends in TBI research are also discusses at length. Finally, financial forecasts for the TBI therapeutic market are provided along with an analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing developers of TBI therapies.

Highlights of this report include:
  • A discussion of the problems associated with the current treatment options for TBI
  • Focused analysis of the global prevalence of TBI
  • Identification of the potential key markets for TBI product candidates
  • Valuable input from leaders in TBI research
  • Discussion of the wider social and economic considerations leading to increased interest in TBI

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