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Oncology Reports

Cancer Vaccines: Measuring Market Potential


Publication Date: October 2004

Pages: 232

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There are currently over twenty Phase III trials ongoing for various indications and new approvals may come as early as 2005. The value of the market for cancer vaccines has the potential to reach $6 billion by 2010.

This report is designed to provide the information, insight and analysis key to an understanding of how cancer vaccines will impact the biotech and pharmaceutical marketplace. Those in the field of cancer therapy and cancer vaccines will want to read this report in order to better understand where and how vaccines will make a difference in future cancer therapy.

This 232-page report:

  • Gauges the potential of key vaccine products nearing commercialization.
  • Analyzes the results of key clinical trials as a means of determining future success in the market.
  • Forecasts financial growth of the cancer vaccine market through 2010.
  • Assesses the competition from cytotoxics and other biologics in six key cancer markets.
  • Provides valuable data concerning patient populations, survival rates, and global epidemiology
  • Identifies and discusses trends and issues that will have a significant impact on the cancer vaccine market.
  • Profiles the leading companies in the field and provides valuable information and analysis concerning their lead vaccine candidates.


Table of Contents


1 Methodology and Executive Summary

1.1 Report Objectives
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Executive Summary

Table 1.1 Value of the Cancer Vaccine Market, by Type, 2010

2 The Global Impact of Cancer
2.1 United States

Table 2.1 Estimated New Cancer Cases and Deaths, US 2004
Graph 2.1 Deadliest Cancers in the US 2004
Graph 2.2 Leading Sites of New Cancer Cases, Male 2004
Graph 2.3 Leading Sites of New Cancer Cases, Female 2004

2.2 The World

Table 2.2 Total Incidence of Cancer, by Region 2000
Graph 2.4 Regions Most-Effected by Cancer, 2000
Table 2.3 Rates of Incidence and Deaths for Select Cancers Worldwide, 2000

2.3 Survival Rates

Table 2.4 Five-Year Survival Rates for Select Cancers by Stage at Diagnosis, US 2000

2.4 Economic Impact

Table 2.5 The Economic Impact of Cancer in the US

2.5 Epidemiology of Select Cancers
2.5.1 Colorectal Cancer
2.5.2 Lung Cancer

Table 2.6 Global Lung Cancer Incidence in Select Regions, 2000

2.5.3 Prostate Cancer

Graph 2.5 Global Prostate Cancer Incidence, Select Regions, 2000

2.5.4 Breast Cancer

Table 2.7 Breast Cancer Survival Rates, by Stage
Table 2.8 Breast Cancer Overall Survival Rate

2.5.5 Pancreatic Cancer

Graph 2.6 Pancreatic Cancer Incidence, Select Regions, 2000

2.5.6 Melanoma

Graph 2.7 Incidence of Melanoma, US vs. Rest of World, 2000

3 Introduction to Cancer Vaccines
3.1 The Immune System and Cancer
3.2 The Basics
3.3 Unmet Need in Cancer Therapy
3.4 Why Vaccines?
3.5 Early Efforts at Cancer Vaccines
3.6 Types of Vaccines
3.6.1 Viral Vectors and DNA Vaccines
3.6.2 Antigen/adjuvant Vaccines
3.6.3 Whole-cell Tumor Vaccines
3.6.4 Anti-Idiotype Vaccines
3.6.5 Dendritic Cell Vaccines

Table 3.1 Key Vaccines Nearing FDA Approval

4 Vaccines and the Future of the Colorectal Cancer Therapy Market
4.1 Current Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

Table 4.1 The Stages of Colorectal Cancer

4.1.1 Surgery
4.1.2 Radiation Therapy
4.1.3 Cytotoxics
4.1.4 Biologics
4.2 An Overview of the Market for Colorectal Cancer Therapies

Table 4.2 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
Table 4.3 Sales of New Biologic Therapies for Colorectal Cancer 2004
Graph 4.1 Growth of the Colorectal Cancer Therapy Market, 2000-2004
Graph 4.2 The Colorectal Cancer Therapy Market, Cytotoxics vs. Biologics 2004

4.2.1 Cytotoxics Eloxatin Market Impact Camptosar Market Impact
4.2.2 Emerging Biologics with Strong Market Potential Avastin Market Impact Erbitux Market Impact
4.3 Unmet Need in Colorectal Cancer Therapy
4.4 The Promise of Vaccines for Colorectal Cancer

Table 4.4 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Colorectal Cancer
Graph 4.3 Therapeutic Vaccines for Colorectal Cancer, by Clinical Trial Phase

4.4.1 Clinical Trial Strategies
4.4.2 Oncovax Clinical Trials
4.4.3 IGN101 Clinical Trials
4.4.4 Oncophage Clinical Trials
4.4.5 Avicine Clinical Trials
4.4.6 Theratope Clinical Trials
4.5 Market Analysis: Colorectal Cancer Therapy Market and the Prospects for Vaccines
4.6 Financial Forecast for Colorectal Cancer Vaccines

Table 4.5 Oncovax Sales Forecast 2005-2010 ($ mn)

5 Vaccines and the Future of Prostate Cancer Therapy
5.1 Current Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Table 5.1 The Stages of Prostate Cancer

5.1.1 Surgery
5.1.2 Radiation Therapy
5.1.3 Hormone Therapy
5.1.4 Cytotoxics

Table 5.2 Best-Selling Hormone Therapies for Prostate Cancer

5.2 An Overview of the Market for Prostate Cancer Therapies

Table 5.3 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Graph 5.1 Value of the Prostate Therapy Market 2000-2003

5.3 New Biologic Competitors in Prostate Cancer Therapy
5.4 Unmet Need in Prostate Cancer Therapy
5.5 The Promise of Vaccines for Prostate Cancer

Table 5.4 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Prostate Cancer
Graph 5.2 Therapeutic Vaccines for Prostate Cancer, by Clinical Trial Phase

5.5.1 Clinical Trial Strategies
5.5.2 Provenge Clinical Trials
5.5.3 GVAX Clinical Trials
5.5.4 MVA-Muc1- IL2 Clinical Trials
5.5.5 Prostvac-VF Clinical Trials
5.6 Market Analysis: Prostate Cancer Therapy Market and the Prospects for Vaccines
5.7 Financial Forecast for Prostate Cancer Vaccines

Table 5.5 Prostate Cancer Vaccines Sales Forecast 2006-2010
Graph 5.3 Prostate Cancer Vaccine Market Share 2007
Graph 5.4 Prostate Cancer Vaccine Market Share 2010

6 Vaccines and the Future of the Lung Cancer Therapy Market
6.1 Current Treatment of Lung Cancer

Table 6.1 Stages of Lung Cancer

6.1.1 Surgery
6.1.2 Cytotoxics
6.1.3 Radiation Therapy
6.2 An Overview of the Market for Lung Cancer Therapies

Table 6.2 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Lung Cancer
Graph 6.1 Value of the Lung Cancer Therapy Market 2000-2003
Table 6.3 Major Uses for Popular Anti-Cancer Agents
Table 6.4 Sales of New Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer 2004
Table 6.5 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Lung Cancer
Graph 6.2 Therapeutic Vaccines for Lung Cancer, by Clinical Trial Phase

6.2.1 Cytotoxics
6.2.2 New Targeted Therapies Increase Competition Iressa Tarceva
6.3 Unmet Need in Lung Cancer Therapy
6.4 Emerging Vaccines for Lung Cancer
6.4.1 Clinical Trial Strategies
6.4.2 IGN101 Clinical Trials
6.4.3 IMC-BEC2 Clinical Trials
6.4.4 BLP25 Clinical Trials
6.4.5 GVAX Clinical Trials
6.5 Market Analysis: Lung Cancer Therapy Market and the Prospects for Vaccines
6.6 Financial Forecast for Lung Cancer Vaccines

Table 6.6 Lung Cancer Vaccines Sales Forecast 2006-2010
Graph 6.3 Lung Cancer Vaccine Market Share 2007
Graph 6.4 Lung Cancer Vaccine Market Share 2010

7 Vaccines and the Future of Breast Cancer Therapy
7.1 Current Treatment of Breast Cancer

Table 7.1 Stages of Breast Cancer

7.1.1 Surgery
7.1.2 Radiation Therapy
7.1.3 Hormone Therapy
7.1.4 Cytotoxics
7.1.5 Targeted Therapies
7.2 An Overview of the Market for Breast Cancer Therapies

Table 7.2 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Breast Cancer
Graph 7.1 Breast Cancer Therapies Market Share 2003

7.3 Unmet Need in Breast Cancer Therapy
7.4 Emerging Vaccines for Breast Cancer

Table 7.3 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Lung Cancer
Graph 7.2 Therapeutic Vaccines for Breast Cancer, by Clinical Trial Phase

7.4.1 Theratope Clinical Trials
7.4.2 IGN101 Clinical Trials
7.5 Market Analysis: Breast Cancer Therapy Market and the Prospects for Breast Cancer Vaccines

Table 7.4 Breast Cancer Vaccines Sales Forecast 2007-2011

8 Vaccines and the Future of Pancreatic Cancer Therapy
8.1 Current Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Table 8.1 Stages of Pancreatic Cancer

8.1.1 Surgery
8.1.2 Radiation Therapy
8.1.3 Cytotoxics
8.2 Biologics in Development

Table 8.2 Biologics in Clinical Development for Pancreatic Cancer

8.3 An Overview of the Market for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Table 8.3 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

8.4 Unmet Need in Pancreatic Cancer Therapy
8.5 Emerging Vaccines for Pancreatic Cancer

Table 8.4 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Pancreatic Cancer
Graph 8.1 Therapeutic Vaccines for Pancreatic Cancer, by Clinical Trial Phase

8.5.1 Clinical Trial Strategies
8.5.2 INSEGIA (G17DT) Clinical Trials
8.5.3 Virulizin Clinical Trials
8.5.4 PANVAC-VF Clinical Trials
8.5.5 Avicine Clinical Trials
8.6 Market Analysis: Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Market and the Prospects for Vaccines
8.7 Financial Forecast for Pancreatic Cancer Vaccines

Table 8.5 Pancreatic Vaccine Approvals and Their Initial Indications
Table 8.6 Pancreatic Cancer Vaccines Sales Forecast 2006-2010

9 Vaccines and the Future of Melanoma Therapy
9.1 Current Treatment of Melanoma

Table 9.1 Stages of Melanoma

9.1.1 Surgery
9.1.2 Chemotherapy
9.1.3 Radiation Therapy
9.1.4 Biologics

Table 9.2 Currently Available Biological Therapies for Melanoma

9.2 An Overview of the Market for Melanoma Therapy

Table 9.3 Single-Agent Cytotoxics for Melanoma
Table 9.4 Leading Drugs for Treatment of Melanoma

9.3 Unmet Need
9.4 Emerging Vaccines for Melanoma

Table 9.5 Therapeutic Vaccine Pipeline for Melanoma

9.4.1 Canvaxin Clinical Trials
9.4.2 Oncophage Clinical Trials
9.4.3 Allovectin-7 Clinical Trials
9.5 Disappointments and Challenges in Melanoma Vaccine Development
9.5.1 GMK
9.5.2 Melacine
9.6 Market Analysis: Melanoma and the Prospects for Vaccines

Table 9.6 Competition in the Melanoma Therapy Market

9.7 Financial Forecast for Melanoma Vaccines

Table 9.7 Melanoma Vaccines Sales Forecast 2006-2010

10 Company Briefs
Aastrom Biosciences

Table 10.1 Advaxis' Cancer Vaccine Pipeline


Table 10.2 Clinical Development Status of Oncophage

Aphton Corporation
Aventis Pasteur
AVI Biopharma

Table 10.3 Biomira's Vaccine Pipeline

CancerVax Corporation
Cell Genesys

Table 10.4 Clinical Development of GVAX

Cytogen Corporation

Table 10.5 Dendreon's Vaccine Pipeline

Favrille Inc.
Genitope Corporation
Genzyme (Oncology)

Table 10.6 Genzyme's Vaccine Pipeline

Geron Corporation
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals
IDM, Inc.

Table 10.7 IDM's Vaccine Pipeline


Table 10.8 Igeneon's Vaccine Pipeline

ImClone Systems Incorporated
Intracel Holdings Corporation
Large Scale Biology Corporation
Lorus Therapeutics
Merck & Co.
Northwest Biotherapeutics
Oxford BioMedica plc
Pharmexa A/S

Table 10.9 Pharmexa's Cancer Vaccine Pipeline

Progenics Pharmaceuticals

Table 10.10 Progenics' Cancer Vaccine Pipeline

Therion Biologics Corporation

Table 10.11 Therion's Cancer Vaccine Pipeline

Transgene S.A.
United Biomedical
Vical Incorporated
Xcyte Therapies Inc.

Table 10.12 Xcyte Therapies Vaccine Pipeline

YM Biosciences Inc.

Table I Cancer Vaccines in Clinical Development
Table II Anticipated Launches of Emerging Cancer Vaccines
Graph I Vaccines in Preclinical to Phase III Development Stages, by Indication
Graph II Leading Companies in Field of Cancer Vaccines
Graph III Number of Vaccine Indications in Clinical Trials, by Phase
Graph IV Leading Cancer Indications for Vaccines
Graph V Vaccines with Greatest Number of Potential Indications

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